Redress Complaints

Am I eligible to make a claim?

What is an “unaffordable loan”?

How do I make an unaffordability claim?

I have an unaffordability claim which I have not yet submitted, what should I do?

Do I need to use a Claims Management Agency (CMA) or Claims Management Company (CMC) to make my claim?

If I have an unaffordability claim, when will I be paid?

I have already received confirmation that my unaffordability claim has been agreed and the amount that I will receive. When will I receive this?

Will the FSCS pay my claim if CashEuroNet UK LLC does not?

If I have previously received a redress payment from the Company, can I claim again?

What should I do if I am approached by someone saying they work for CashEuroNet UK LLC or Grant Thornton or the Joint Administrators and want to help me submit a claim?

What should I do if someone has indicated they can ensure I can get a higher claim amount, but I have to pay them a fee first?

Will anyone ask for my bank details?